It has not been long since iPhone spy apps were admitted into the mainstream, which is why they are still shrouded in mystery. People stumbling across what was considered a controversial technology for many years often find questions like “Can you spy on iPhone?”, “Are non-jailbroken iPhones completely safe?”, etc. from popping up in their minds. Unfortunately, searching for answers on the web has led to spreading of misinformation and creation of myths. Let’s take a look at some of the most common myths surrounding iPhone spying and debunk them.

This post is for anyone people in whose iPhone has been accessed through their envious or possessive mate, or with a friend, employer, or family member who happens to be nosy to their private matters. There is a good possibility of the iPhone becoming jail-broken, to be able to use this to spy you.

Installing spyware with an iPhone can offer access towards the victim’s texts, call fire-logs, e-mails, financial passwords, as well as the present location could be traced having a spyware.

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