The Mini PC is a new category of small PC devices running the popular Android operating system and Windows as well. Mini PC, also known as PC-on-a-stick or TV stick makes a unique and perfect for those interested in computing in general gift.

If there is one smartphone brand that has stayed at the top of the competition since it started out in the market it has to be Apple. The tech giant is one of the biggest conglomerates in the world and its iconic iPhone models are immensely popular. The iPhones have been known as a symbol of technological excellence since they’ve come into the market. Performance, attractive looks, awesome software, excellent camera, long lasting battery, wide range of apps, anything and everything that you would ask for in a smartphone, you get it in an iPhone. The Apple iPhone prices may not seem affordable for all, but in terms of performance and value for money, you get much more than what you pay for. Some of the best iPhones that you can consider buying are:

 iPhone 6

This is one of the two latest iPhone models, the one that has the smaller screen size but it by no means is less capable or less powerful. The model which was release along with the iPhone 6 plus boasts of the best graphics, brilliant camera, fastest processor, latest OS and near filed communication system (NFC), which would help you use the Apple Pay feature as it becomes available for consumer usage. One of the biggest changes Apple has introduced in this phone that separates it from all its predecessor models is the 4.7 inch screen, which is 17.5% bigger than all the previous iPhone models. It uses a 64 bit A8 chip that is 25% more powerful than the iPhone 5s chip. Apple has always excelled in its camera and the phone features an 8MP camera with image sensor, autofocus speed, digital image stabilization features that ensure that you get the best quality picture. All these features and more come with a price tag of Rs. 53, 500 (approximate price for 16 GB Variant).

iPhone 6 Plus

Big, Bold and beautiful that is iPhone 6 Plus for you. With a 5.5 inch screen it is the biggest iPhone models yet and it is the only iPhone that a pixel density of 400ppi, which guarantees crisp, sharp and vibrant display. One of the best features of this phone is its fingerprint scanner, which is vital for security. Just like its smaller variant, iPhone 6 Plus boasts of A8 process, NFC payment features and excellent graphics capability. Another very unique feature that no other phone in the market (including android phones) has its ability to display the home screen in landscape mode. It also has two-column split screen view for the e-mail app. You can enjoy all these awesome features and many more for just Rs. 63, 349 500 (approximate price for 64 GB Variant).


iPhone 5C

In a break from its signature colors, Apple decided to infuse some colors with iPhone 5C featuring colorful body. Instead of choosing a colorful iPhone case, you can simply pick an iPhone 5C in your favorite color to express your personality. The phone is the cheaper variant of the iPhone 5S but in terms of performance it is no less by any means. It look hip and chic and has the capability to run all the app that runs on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This phone is a budget friendly model and comes with a price tag of Rs. 33, 900 500 (approximate price for 16 GB Variant).

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